BABY-NOVA home is in the small town of Pattensen near Hannover, Germany. As an independent family enterprise we have committed ourselves for more than 30 years to the highly individual needs of parents and children.

Quality is our Priority. Every one of our products displays craftsmanship and is made of high quality materials brought about by years of experience. Our products feature characteristics such as

BPA free”, “Tooth-friendly” and the 

Very Good” certification by the German consumer magazine, Ökotest.

We manufacture in Germany. Having every day life

on our minds we create innovative, time-saving and very functional products at an affordable price.

Good products, designed with care.

Our products are made with parents in mind. We know parents want to enjoy a relaxed life with their children and do what is best for their future. Our innovative and high quality product range gives parents the assurance of getting the most up to date, aesthetically and functionally designed products for their baby. We develop our products

interacting with parents and their kids. We listen, we

play, we create – so that they have time for a relaxed life.