This anti-colic silicone feeding bottle teat has a round, natural shaped teat tip. These feeding teats all have an anti-colic valve, which equalises the pressure in the bottle during feeding and minimises the amount of unwanted air your baby swallows. Children have different drinking habits and sometimes a certain bottle teat just doesn’t suit them. For example, if a child drinks rather slowly, they could end up inhaling the liquid if it runs out of the teat too quickly. If such difficulties arise, it is useful to just try a teat with a different sized feed-hole.


  • Teat MADE in GERMANY
  • Nipple size S for 0-3 Months
  • Nipple size M for 3-6 Months
  • Nipple size L for 6+ Months
  • 2 pc blister pack

      Cleaning Instructions:

      - Before the first use place the teat in boiling water for five minutes. This is to ensure hygiene.               

      - Clean before each use under warm running water and, if necessary, with normal household detergents.                                                                                                                                                 - For babies up to three months disinfect the feeding teat regularly (boiling or similar).                           

      - Make sure that there is always enough water in the pot to avoid material damage.                               

      - Do not clean in dishwasher or disinfect in microwave – detergents or heating in patches may cause material damage.                                                                                                                                             - For hygienic and safety reasons, the teat must be replaced after 2 months of use.