Just because baby is tiny, doesn't mean he or she can't be a trendsetter with fabulous hair! So add this brush and comb set to your accessories to help tame and maintain your tot's lovely locks - however short 'n' soft or long 'n' lustrous.

The brush bristles are extra-soft for angel hair and sensitive scalps. They're gentle too, designed to glide through your little one's hair like a dream, leaving it looking super-shiny and beautiful. The bright colours and the cute design on the back of the brush will make baby excited to have their hair done.

The comb has two width options for different thicknesses of hair and different functions; detangle with the wider end and finish with the finer end. Even if your baby has a full head of hair, there won't be any tears or tantrums during detangling, combing or brushing! Both the brush and comb are suitable for daily use, whether that's after bath time, in preparation for a Big Day Out or on the morning of a special playdate!

• Set includes brush and matching comb
• Brush with synthetic bristles
• Soft and gentle to get baby used to the hair-brushing sensation

Cleaning Instructions:
To clean, we recommend warm water and, if necessary, normal household detergent. Do not clean in dishwasher and do not boil. Material damage can be the result.