Silicone soother orthodontic shape, with hygiene cap - Our orthodontic dummies are thoughtfully designed to be great for your baby's teeth, gums and jaw development. They offer infants the soothing sucking motion they need via a shaped teat that helps prevent dental problems as they grow. Talk about future-proofing your baby's health!

In addition to that special mouth piece shape, this dummy also features a 7-hole mouth shield. So if your tot is the type to slobber and drool a lot while sucking, at least they won't suffer the rashes and irritated skin that condensation causes. They'll be contentedly sucking away and you'll have better peace of mind that their skin isn't affected. Winners all round, we say!

Of course, no dummy design is complete without a splash of colour to make it look cute! And these fun soothers don't disappoint. They'll get your infant curious about colours, shapes and pictures and make the dummies easy to spot at the bottom of your changing bag. The ring on the mouth shield means the dummies are totally grabbable too (just in case baby wants to swap their soother for a spoonful of nom-noms).

• Suitable for babies aged 6-18 months
• BPA and BPS-free with silicone or latex mouth piece
• Complies with the European Standard EN 1400

Cleaning Instructions:
• Before the first use place the soother in boiling water for five minutes. Allow it to cool and squeeze out any trapped water from the pacifier. This is to ensure hygiene.
• Clean before each use thoroughly with running warm water. 
• For babies up to three months disinfect the pacifier regularly (boiling or similar). 
• Make sure that there is always enough water in the pot 
• Do not clean in dishwasher or disinfect in microwave oven – detergents or heating in patches will cause material damage.
• Do not leave the pacifier in direct sunlight or near a source of heat or leave in disinfectant (“sterilizing solution”) for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the teat. 
• Replace soother at latest after 1 or 2 months of use fo hygiene and safety reasons.