When those big boy or girl toothies start to poke through baby's soft gums, they can really cause some major ouchies! So we've designed this cute and clever teether to relieve distress and help your little one smile again. Each pack contains two teethers in complementary colours.

This is a soft, flexible teether designed in the shape of a figure-8 with large rings. That special shape means it's easy for little hands to grasp when instant relief is required. The small raised bumps on the surface help alleviate pain and provide comfort. There are bumps all around the edges so no matter which part ends up in your infant's mouth, they will get that special soothing feeling! The bright colours are oh-so-appealing to baby's senses too!

For extra pain relief and an even more amazing pacifying action, the teethers can be popped in the fridge (but remember - never the freezer!) to cool. The cooling sensation is super-soothing on raw, sore gums; baby will be chomping away on his teether, oblivious to the pain!

• Suitable for babies from 3 months of age
• BPA-free and colourfast
• Made in Germany

Cleaning Instructions:
Clean the product before first use in boiling water for approx. three minutes. Rinse before each further use thoroughly under warm, running water. Dishwasher approved. All materials are approved and colorfast. Cooling only in the refrigerator, never in the freezer. Not suitable for microwave or steam sterilization treatment.