When feeding your little one, the last thing you want to do is serve up food that's too hot to handle. But what's a failsafe, convenient way to ensure the purée is at the perfect temperature?

These heat sensitive spoons are a valuable tool at teatime! Made of non-toxic material, they feature a clever thermal sensor which causes the spoon to change colour on contact with food that's too hot for baby's mouth. They have a long handle that easily reaches to the bottom of tall cups, and rounded edges to prevent injury. They're colourful too, so they'll catch baby's attention when the "choo-choo train" comes along carrying a dollop of food. (Admit it; you play games with the baby food... it's OK, we won't judge, we've all done it). 

As parents, the safety of your precious bundle is your number one priority. There are all manner of scenarios that will challenge you during your baby's first months! Don't let mealtimes be one of those challenges - arm yourself with these heat sensitive baby spoons and feeding time will be fun, not fraught.


  • Suitable for babies from 6 months of age
  • Colourfast and BPA-free
  • Complies with the European Standard EN 14372

      Cleaning Instructions:

      Please clean the spoons before first use with mild detergent under running hot water or in the dishwasher in the upper compartment or the lower cutlery basket. Do not boil, do not clean in a steam sterilizer and do not microwave the product. Material damage can be the result.